Mobile Cellphone Cozy – Free Crochet Pattern


1 skein of everyday rengarenk yarn ( himalaya ) or any worsted weight yarn

Size H 5mm Crochet Hook

1 Button of your choice

Stitch marker

Yarn needle



start with slip knot, Ch12

Row1: in the third Ch from hook make Scx3, Sc in each Ch across, in the final Ch make Sc x 3 keep working one Sc along other side, join to the first Sc with Sl St

Row2: Ch1, 1 Sc, in each St Across join to the first Sc with Sl St

Row3-6: repeat row2

Row7: Ch1, Sk 1 St, Sc in each St across. join to the first Sc with Sl St

Row8-27: repeat row7

finish off and wave in ends.

Strap cluster for the button: crochet with two streams together Ch12. Cut yarn and finish off.

use the needle and thread to sew the button to the front of the case.

That’s it! Enjoy!!!

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