A Biomarker In Your Pee May Reveal Your True Biological Age

From bee venom facials to mercury wrinkle cream, people are obsessed with staying young. But how exactly do we measure age? Researchers in China think they may have figured it out.

A new study published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience suggests a biomarker found in urine may be the key to measuring a person’s biological age – and it may also help predict one’s risk of age-related diseases.

We age in two ways: chronologically and biologically. People born on the same day will always have the same chronological age. A person’s biological age, on the other hand, is how old they appear to be on a cellular level. This changes based on genetics, lifestyle, and environment.

Some research suggests aging is a disease, and understanding why people age at different rates may help better inform how we treat certain diseases.


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