Experimental Skin Cells Spray Heals Woman Who Lost Third Of Her Skin To Flesh-Eating Bacteria

A woman who lost a third of her skin to deadly flesh-eating bacteria has been saved by a new miracle spray made of her own skin cells. After surgically removing vast portions of her skin, doctors in Phoenix, Arizona, appealed to the FDA for permission to use the experimental skin spray to treat her wounds, and were amazed by the results.

Back in January, 37-year-old teacher,Christin Lipinski went to the doctors as she felt unwell and had a pain in her armpit. The doctors originally diagnosed her with flu, until she was rushed to a trauma center due to severe pain. That’s when they realized she didn’t have the flu, instead, she was infected with a flesh-eating strain of Streptococcus bacteria, leading to a potentially fatal disease known as necrotizing fasciitis.

Lipinski was taken into surgery to tackle the infection, which had spread from her armpit down her left arm and the left side of her torso. The surgeons removed the infected tissue to stop the bacteria from moving further through her body, and eventually, about a third of her skin was lost.


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