Fetal Protein Band-Aids Could Let Wounds Heal Without Visible Scars

Whether it’s a surgical wound, stretch marks, or the result of falling off your bike as a kid, most of us have unsightly scars we wish would go away. But what if there was a way to prevent a visible scar from ever forming? Well, researchers have now developed a band-aid that can do just that, not only promoting healing but also significantly reducing scarring too.

So how does it work?

Weirdly enough, it uses a protein that’s most commonly found in the skin of fetuses. Fetal skin heals without scarring thanks to the abundance of a protein known as fibronectin. This protein helps reassemble skin cells as a wound heals, minimizing scar tissue. But sadly for us adults, our skin loses most of it after we are born.

Scars are mainly made up of collagen, a protein that’s naturally common in the skin. However, when collagen helps a wound heal, it forms a different structure, creating a scar that doesn’t blend with the rest of the skin.


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