Ketamine Could Be The New Drug For Depression That Researchers Have Been Looking For

Ketamine is emerging as a potential new treatment for some types of depression.

A new review published in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry outlines the promise and limitations of existing ketamine research.

Some researchers have called the drug “the most important discovery in half a century.”

It’s been called “the most important discovery in half a century,” and for some of the people who have tried ketamine, it may feel that way too.

The compound has a reputation as a party drug, but ketamine is increasingly being studied for its potential use as a rapid-fire treatment for depression. In people who live with the disease, thoughts of suicide can strike suddenly and without warning. Fast-acting, successful interventions are hard to come by.

But a spate of recent research suggests that ketamine could provide quick and powerful relief — even to people whose depression has repeatedly failed to respond to other medications and to those who are suicidal.


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