Man Risks Death By Not Pooping For 40 Days

A man has been holding in a poo for over 40 days now, seriously risking his own health.

Lamarr Chambers was pulled over by police on the January 17 after a chase in Essex, UK, the BBC report. When they looked in his car “officers saw him moving his head towards his hand as if he was eating something,” prosecutor Kathy Wilson said.

Though the defendant says this was chicken, the police believe he has swallowed drugs. He has since been placed in a cell with a modified toilet that would allow the police to search for any evidence in his stool.

Since his arrest he has gone on a “toilet strike” and is refusing to take a poop, restricting his meal intake in order to prevent the inevitable according to prosecutors, though his defense lawyers argue he is genuinely trying to evacuate his bowels.


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