This Is Where Fat Goes When You Lose Weight, According To Scientists — And Research Suggests Doctors And Dietitians Have Got It All Wrong


Australian scientists conducted a study to find out where fat goes when you lose weight.

As part of their research they asked 150 health professionals for their theories as to how it disappears, and most answered incorrectly.

They say it doesn’t get converted into energy or muscle, and explained their theory in a recent article for The Conversation.

With the rise of the wellness movement, countless people are focused on burning calories and getting lean.

But have you ever thought about exactly how fat disappears from your body?

As part of a study on the topic, scientists from the University of New South Wales posed a simple question to health professionals: When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go?

Of the 150 doctors, dietitians, and personal trainers they surveyed, they said only three respondents answered the question correctly.

Writing for The Conversation, assistant scientist Ruben Meerman and Andrew Brown, professor and head of biotechnology and biomolecular sciences at UNSW, explained the results of the research — and, like the health professionals questioned, you might be surprised at what the scientists found.


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